About Me


Sara Lee


I have been trained in the highly successful and transformative EMDR therapy.  My specialty is utilizing EMDR, motivational, and other innovative techniques to improve the lives of individuals with anxiety, addiction, relationship problems and other barriers.  My open, encouraging and positive nature helps individuals during their most vulnerable and challenging times.  My own personal journey to survive in a family full of addiction, mental illness and abuse introduced me to twelve step programs in the 1980’s.  One day at a time, I have been blessed to be actively involved in these programs for over twenty-five years.  I recognize first-hand the complexities of these issues and have been a consistent advocate who helps people seek growth and recovery.  I enjoy helping individuals to grow and change.  My warm, compassionate and interactive style helps people to identify and work through their negative beliefs, addictions, and fears that interfere in their lives.  I encourage people to build on their strengths, discover their gifts, and live the life of their dreams.